Holiday Home – Anglesey

One of our long-standing clients, familiar with the quality of our work, contracted us to build a log cabin on their property in Anglesey, North Wales. The log cabin was to be used as a family holiday home with luxury fixtures, fittings and features that would make it stand out from the standard log cabin in the area.

Given the remoteness of the location, logistically, this was a challenging task, requiring us to get all of the equipment and building supplies to the site (including waste skips) in an efficient and cost effective manner. Similarly, getting staff to the location was a challenge in itself and we accommodated all trades close to site so as to maximise their time on site and reduce the length of time for the job. Weather also played a part and we had to schedule the build during a period of relatively clement weather – avoiding the coldest and warmest months.

The cabin was built on schedule and on budget with all services supplies into it without any problems. At no stage was quality compromised and the result was a luxury getaway that the family would be able to enjoy for years to come.

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